Escape From the Planet of Robot Monsters

Here comes a great intergalactic adventure that will measure the best of your skills and shooting abilities. Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters is a highly engaging flash game that allows you to explore ten challenging levels. If you think that ten levels are quite easy, then think again because this is not as progressive as what you think. Perfection is something that you have to master in order to maximize your chances in winning. In this game, you are going to take control of a robot and your goal is to escape the planet by surviving against an overwhelming and seemingly interminable number of robot monsters.

Interestingly, this flash game has come up with a very creative plot line. According to the game, your character named Agent AI was sent by the VVSF (Very Very Special Forces) to the planet of Robot Monsters. Initially, your mission is to infiltrate the robot base and steal plans for the super weapons. However, you are accompanied by one clumsy Chief technician Scrappy who accidentally fired the alarm system. As the result, the whole base is chasing after you. What makes it worst is the fact that the door towards the exit is locked.

Fortunately, Scrappy is skillful enough to open the door using his technical ability. However, the process might take some time. So in order to escape the planet, you have to protect Scrappy against the robot monsters. The mechanics are actually simple and easily manageable yet you are encouraged to exert the best of your agility and shooting skills in order to maximize your chances of survival. As for the controls, you can move Agent AI by simply pressing the left and right arrow keys. You can jump by pressing the Up key on your keyboard. Firing , on the other hand can be done by pressing the spacebar repeatedly.

As you can see from the image above, Scrappy is busy fixing the escape door. You cannot manipulate his movements but you will be notified if the door has been completely opened. After doing so, you will be prompted immediately to the next level. Keep in mind that you have no life point to consume and once you get touched or hit by any of the robot monster, your game will come to a quick end. Fortunately, you can collect loots or power ups from the enemies which can be used to maximize your chances of survival.

Some of the power ups allows you to reduce the time, elongate the range of your lasers, increase your damage rate and more. You can also obtain grenades which is by far the most destructive weapon of them all. Simply Press B to activate the grenade and all the existing robot monsters on the screen will explode. What makes this game even more challenging is the fact that whenever you get killed, you have to go back from the very beginning. Therefore, you have to prevent yourself from being killed at all cost, otherwise you are going to repeat the game over and over again until you managed to make it through. Escape From the Planet of Robot Monsters is indeed a highly engaging game that is captivating enough to capture the best of your interests. Apart from its creative and addictive gameplay, the game also features a scoreboard that allows you to submit your score online.

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