Papa Louie 2

Remember the Papa Louie’s first adventure? Papa Louie is probably known for his series of casual games but Papa Louie : When Pizzas Attack is most likely an exemption from his list. It is not a casual game and you no longer need to serve any customers or meet your daily targets. In fact, your mission here is to rescue your beloved customers who were captured by Pizza monsters. Interestingly, after the long wait, Papa Louie’s highly acclaimed platformer game is back with an all new gameplay, much enhanced graphics, and a much more engaging plot line. If you enjoyed the first game, then you will absolutely find this game even more impressive.

Basically, Papa Louie 2 is a simple platformer game that follows a creative plot line. It will initially begin by allowing the player to choose between the first two playable characters including Marty and Rita. After doing so, the game will prompt you to a short cinematic clip that showcases the events that occurred before you went into a challenging adventure. It all started when a weird-looking customer arrived at the shop (seemingly Radley Madish) who threw a Warp key that teleported and captured all the customers. Now, your mission is to save them all and defeat the evil Sarge (boss in the first game) and Radley Madish and bring back the land of Munchmore back to its harmonious state.

If Pizza became monsters in the first game, Papa Louie 2 features monstrous burgers known as Burgerzilla hence it has a tagline “When Burgers Attack”. This online flash game interestingly offers a bunch of modification compared to the first game. It has a highly enhanced graphics which allows you to explore the entire land of Munchmore. The game is presented in a very appealing manner and is complimented with lavishly illustrated details. But if there’s one feature that changed drastically from the first game apart from the new plot line and graphics, it is most likely the gameplay.

Papa Louie is no longer your character and even though we want to see him again in action, this is not a bad news at all because Papa Louie 2 allows you to unlock a total of 28 different characters. A character can be unlocked right after you rescued them and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that each rescued customer will become a playable character. Keep in mind that each level has a number of challenges that allows you to earn Warp keys. You can do so by rescuing other customers, collecting special items, collecting all coins, defeating bosses, and killing numerous burgerzillas. You will be required to collect a certain amount of Warp keys in order to progress to the next level and if you don’t have much amount, you can go back to previous levels and try to finish other quests.

These collectible items are actually not easily attainable because some challenges will require certain skills which can only be done by certain players. Some customers have special skills like ground pound, gliding, crawling, wall jump, and more. Some characters  are the only key to unlock certain areas too. Aside from their special skills, each character has their own set of weapons too which could either be for melee or long-range attacks. You can also change their outfits using the coins that you collected in each level. You will also earn badges for each achievements and more. Generally, Papa Louie 2 is a highly impressive and amusing online flash game that will guarantee a superb gameplay and a highly satisfying adventure game experience.

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