The Fast and The Furious : Fan Immersion

The Fast and the Furious is a highly acclaimed film which tells a story of a group of illegal street racers. The film is indeed a successful one and due to its huge impact, several installments were made which never failed to amaze their fans. If you are an avid fan of this movie, well then, The Fast and The Furious : Fan Immersion is a perfect game for you. Basically, The Fast and the Furious : Fan Immersion is a highly interactive browser game that allows you to explore a lot of wonderful features. It is very interactive indeed which include features like multiplayer mode, chatting, friends, customizing and a whole lot more.

Generally, your main objective in this game is to earn an overwhelming amounft of respect.  In order to do so, you have to come up with a very cool car and you also have to win a series of races. Here’s how it works. Since this is a browser game, kindly expect that the interface will look like a portal with bunch of icons and buttons to choose from. The game will initially requires the player to establish his very own username and password. There will be a small fill up form that will ask for some necessary information including your email, though it doesn’t require any verification or  some sort of email validation so right after you signed up you can play the game right away.

As you can see from the image above, the first panel on the left is consist of some icons. These are the main options that allow you to visit your garage, buy autoparts, view the city map, add new friends and more. The second panel underneath the main menu are the basic tabs that will prompt you to your garage, race and Autoparts. The huge right panel on the other hand is composed of a bunch of information including your very own profile, your friends, your status as a racer, your current car’s performance and you so called “Global Ranking” The main panel on the left will showcase the events, the shops, and your garage too.

The Fast and the Furious : Fan Immersion is a progressive game and you might want to jot down your user name and password to access your account again. The game will welcome you by allowing you to choose for your preferred vehicle. You will start off with a base money of $40. You will gain more money by joining the race. Simply go to the race tab and choose your opponent. You can challenge those computer generated opponents and you can fight against your friends too. Interestingly winning a race will gain you a bunch of stuffs including money, skills, respect, and the so called “COP heat”. Keep in mind that if you let your cop heat rise too high you could end up in jail. To lose cop heat you can either just wait for the cops to gradually lose their interest in you or you can get rid of them instantly by paying some credits.

Speaking of which , credits are the items that you can purchase using your real money. The game also allows you to upgrade your account to premium which is very advantageous too. If you gained enough money, you can now hit the shop and purchase items to increase your car’s performance and visual points. You can upgrade your car’s engine, transmission, interior, wheels, body,  vinyl and tools. Please keep in mind too that racing continuously will damage your car and you have to visit your garage from time to time in order to be repaired. Apart from the impressive features mentioned above, the game also allows you to invite more friends and chat with them privately. You can also build your own group if you wish too. Generally, The Fast and the Furious : Fan Immersion is a great and satisfying browser game to play with. If you are an avid fan of the film, then now is your chance to join the action filled race battle.

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