Falling Leaves Four in a Row

Occupy your boring fall days by playing the autumn twist on the classic game Connect Four. In the game Falling Leaves Four In a Row the classic discs that are normally used in the game are replaced by gorgeous fall leaves. This online rendition is no different than the classical game we are all used to playing, other than the change of discs and the clicking of your mouse instead of dropping the token with your hand everything your love about this childhood game is the sameFalling Leaves Four in a Row.

In Falling Leaves Four in a row the player is set up against the computer in attempt to line up the gorgeous leaves in lines of four (diagonally, vertically, or horizontally). It is your mission to eliminate your oponant from the game by lining up your orange leaves. You will be scored on how many attempts it takes you to connect for, or be eliminated completely if you are unable to connect four and the computer defeats you. The first few games might prove to be difficult, but as you continue to play against the computer you will gain the strategy you need to continuously defeat him/her.

This online rendition of Connect Four is sure to not disappoint! Whether it is simply your favorite childhood game or your are just looking for something to alleviate your boredom this beautiful fall month this game is sure to not disappoint! Check this game out on Fupa.com, just click the link below!

Play Falling Leaves Four in a Row

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