Slender 2D

How does it feels like when you are walking alone in the woods? How terrifying would it be if you know someone from the dark is watching over you? Slender man is here to thrill you out. We cannot deny the fact that Slender man is such a highly acclaimed PC game that we have today and I’m sure you’re one of the few people who jump over your seat while playing the said game. Interestingly, this well known game has been adapted to its simpler Flash game version. Yup!It is your all time favorite Slender game played in a 2D format.

This game is indeed based on real Slender man game. Interestingly, it shares the same concept and format with the real game and it’s just that everything is done in 2D. The main objective is to collect all the hidden pages which are scattered randomly in the game. Just like the original game, the only thing that you can see from the screen are the areas that only the light from your flashlight can see. The illustration for this game is more like a cartoon. They are all presented in a conventional manner which makes the game more inviting rather than frightening.

Despite of being a cuter version the suspense is still there. Navigate the entire woods and try to collect all the missing pages. Just be cautious because Slender Man may appear in front of you in your most unexpected time and place. If that happens, you must run at all cost in order to keep you in the game. Use the arrow keys to move your character around. Even though it is 2D, you can still explore the game in different venues and the navigation are still confusing too which makes it more challenging.

The game is undeniably challenging and it is really impressive to see how this game captures the original concept of the real Slender Man application. As a matter of fact, it is much more thrilling if you got caught by the Slender man because his face will pop up from the game screen which is somehow scary. You do not have any life points here nor any chances to consume. Once you got caught, the screen will started to distort and if you failed to run, then Slender man’s face will show up indicating that your game is over and you need to start again from the beginning if you wishes to play again.

Just like the real game, Slender 2D is truly addicting. The objective of collecting all the missing eight pages without being caught by the him will keep you striving for more. Expect to repeat this game a lot of times and it’s not really tiring at all and in fact, you will enjoy every moment you spent in this game. The game by the way is best played when the sound is on because it will add more thrilling effect especially if you are about to approach the Slender man. Generally, this game is absolutely a great deal. Highly recommendable indeed.

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