Rachel’s Cake

If you adore baking games a lot and you are also an avid fan of dress up games, then this game will surely satisfy your taste as a gamer because it has all the elements found in the two mentioned games. Rachel’s Cake is not your typical baking game because it also features a lot of stuff that you will definitely enjoy. Explore several recipes to bake, join the tournament and win exciting trophies from the competition. On top of that, the game allows you to a series of exciting mini games and interestingly, it features a Dress up game too that allows you to customize your own character. These are just few of the exciting features that this game has to offer.

Basically, the game will center around the kitchen life of of our friendly fellow Rachel and her journey in the world of Baking industry. The game features a Mapping system that allows your character to navigate around the five establishments. These establishments include Rachel’s House where you will learn how to bake a particular cake recipe. The Bake Off is also one of the establishments that can be found in the map that allows you to participate a tournament. Other places to explore are the Store, Boutique and the Trophy area.

The game works exactly the same way with those typical baking games where in a step by step instructions will be given you and you simply have to follow it and prepare your recipe. It is a game done in a Click and Drag format and it very interesting to see that you can interact with most of the objects from your kitchen. As a matter of fact, unlike the other baking games, the preparation here are more detailed and comprehensive. You can choose among the three cake recipes including the Juicy Fruit Cake, Lemon Blackberry Sponge Cake, and Black Forest Cake.

Keep in mind that you must pay attention to the step by step procedures because you will need them a lot especially if you will be participating in the Bake Off Competition. Kindly refer to the image above to give you an idea on how the face off works. No instructions will be given and you need to prepare the ingredients exactly how they are being instructed to you. You can actually check the instruction during the game but you have to keep in mind that it will consume most of your time and it will give your computer-generated opponent a big chance in winning.

Winning the tournament will reward you a trophy so try to master all the recipes to gain more trophies. Interestingly, you can also play their Minigames by dropping at the Store. It is actually a simple memory game but early completions will give you wonderful prizes such as new dresses, gauntlets, aprons and more. These prizes can be used to dress up Rachel. Simply go to the Boutique section of the map and you will be prompted to a dressing area that allows you to change Rachel’s Dress, Hairstyle, contact lenses, Make ups and lipsticks. Generally, the game has it all and it is very satisfying and deserving enough to spend your time with. Highly recommendable.

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