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We are way down to the sixth volume of Manga Creator series. The series is getting more intense based on the given illustrations. If you haven’t tried the previous pages yet, then I would suggest to start making your comics from the very first page so that you can come up with a nice story. We are half way done indeed and we have dealt a lot with some intense scenes between our fellow characters. There’s a lot of drama occurred on the previous page and it seems that another girl is involved in the series. The two girls will be highlighted for this page so start thinking of the best script and let start making manga.

As what the title of the game suggests, Manga Creator allows you to make your own manga in a very convenient way. You don’t have to be a skilled artist because all of the characters will be given to you by default. The main challenge is to come up with a nice and appealing characters and a meaningful script that you can add to make the manga more interesting. Manga Creator has developed a total of 11 pages which links one page to another. Therefore, it is very advisable to come up with a standard character considering the fact that you will be using them for the entire series.

For those who haven’t tried reading a manga yet, well, then allow me to give you a brief information about it. Manga is basically a Japanese terminology which stands for comics. This is where most popular Japanese Anime came from. Most Manga are illustrated the anime way and they are usually black and white in colors. However, most manga that we have today are more innovative and they now come up with colored images. Mangaka is a term used to describe a manga artist.

Again, as what being mentioned above, you don’t need to be professional to have your own manga because Manga Creator made it for you in a very convenient way. Basically, the game shares the same concept with those typical Dress Up game. You can customize your characters based on your own preferences. You can change their hairstyles, their clothes, and add some accessories to make them more appealing. Just make sure that the characters will not change that much from the previous pages because you have to make their own identity all through out the series.

This chapter features a single panel that shows two female that is having a conversation. Of course, the story will vary depending on its creator. Use your creativity and explore your imagination and try to come up with a nice and unique story. My creation for an instance is somehow basic. It follows a story of a two childhood friends who met each other after a long time. They fell in love to each other but it seems that a lot of people around them are not in favor of their relationship. The story must have a continuity which means, the script or the scene in general must be related to the next scene. Generally, the game is very interesting and ideal for all aspiring comic artist out there.

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