Pyramid Solitaire

Here comes another exciting solitaire game that has a very unique approach compare to the normal gaming landscape of your typical solitaire games such as Klondike, Aces Up and Demon. This game offers a more simple yet entertaining rules that no other card games can offer. Basically, your goal is to remove all the cards in the pyramid. You can only remove cards in pair except for the Kings which can be removed from the field alone.

Generally, you have to remove a pair of cards that sums up to 13. Rankings are based on the typical solitaire game where Kings are 13, Queens are 12 , Jacks are 11 and Aces are 1. Regardless of what suit the card belongs to, as long as you can sum them up in 13, you can remove them instantly in the game. As what I mentioned above, since the King’s value is thirteen, no other cards can be paired to it so you can remove the King alone either from the Pyramid of cards or from the waste.

As you can see from the image shown above, the game or the cards are arranged in a very simple format. The cards are all stacked and arranged in pyramid, covering one set of cards to another. The pyramid is composed of seven layers of upturned cards and you can only deal with the with top most open cards. No tableau, foundation, piles or any sort of elements that can be found in a typical solitaire game. All you have is a group of cards arranged in pyramid, a deck and the waste pile.

All the 52 cards were used for this game and since there is no tableau and foundation in this game, you do not have to focus much on the cards suits because they will not affect your game at all. Unlike Klondike,  you can draw one card at a time here instead of three but you have to make sure that no other moves can be made before drawing another one to your waste pile because you have to keep in mind that Pyramid Solitaire is not allowing you to redeal the cards from your waste. When all cards from your decks were drawn and you still have remaining cards on your field, then the game is definitely over and you have to repeat the process from the very beginning.

Pyramid Solitaire is more likely considered as a game of chance because your fate depends on the cards presented on your field. No other strategy or any extensive knowledge to be applied to maximize your chances of winning. You just need to stay focus and concentrate to the cards to avoid overlooking of possible moves. This game is actually harder than you thought because it might take you a lot of trials before successfully removing all the cards from the pyramid. This is really an exciting game that everybody can play if they have enough time to spare with.

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