Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Escape the clutches of a legendary monster in Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse. A terrifying myth comes alive in Germany! … »

Mortal Combat Slap Fight

Moral Combat : Slap Fight

How much do you think you can offer to restore the morality back? It is so sad to see how … »

Cameron Diaz Dress Up

Cameron Diaz Dress Up

Dressing yourself up and making yourself more appealing by getting the best set of clothes and accessories could be a … »

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Fear lingers in a remote laboratory after a physicist’s suspicious demise. A police investigation resulted in nothing except a case … »

Trap A Tuna


Calling all aspiring professional fisher! Now is the time to prove your skills by participating in this one of a … »

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

When a high school friend gets kidnapped in a historic theater, you, as Nancy Drew, are plunged into a desperate … »

Bubble Busting Frenzy

Bubble Busting Frenzy

Bubble Busting Frenzy is basically a simple yet fun and entertaining bubble busting game that takes you to a series … »

Age Of Glory

Age Of Glory

Age Of Glory is yet another impressive and highly engaging tower defense game that you can confidently add on your … »